Work with Me

Please contact me to discuss any of the following learning consultant services:

Program Evaluation
As an educational psychologist, I am particularly interested in helping learning organizations achieve their goals. To that end, I offer the following services:

    • Program evaluation design
    • Survey development
    • Data analysis
    • Curriculum design, analysis, and revision

I am an impassioned advocate for positive learning environments as well as healthy child development. As such, I leap at opportunities to speak in public forums on the following topics:

    • Enriched learning environments
    • Strategies for improving memory
    • Healthy brain development
    • Positive school relationships
    • Being a trauma-informed educator

One-on-One Coaching
I offer one-on-one cognitive coaching for teachers, administrators, and parents. The purpose of cognitive coaching is to facilitate your thinking process in order to meet your goals. The following scenarios are examples of one-on-one coaching structures:

  • A teacher would like to improve classroom management strategies.
  • A principal would like to encourage a more positive school climate.
  • A parent would like to manage their own reactivity with their child.
  • A teacher would like to feel less-stressed throughout the workday.
  • A principal would like to improve feedback to teachers.
  • A parent would like to encourage responsibility in their children.