If I am learning, then I am happy.

This blog is for everyone who can count learning as one of life’s purest joys. I get the same “high” out of the learning process as, say, people who parasail, go whitewater rafting, or maybe even put it all on red in Vegas.

My brother once said of the traffic school he attended after getting a speeding ticket, “I didn’t mind it. You know, I’m always happy if I am learning something.” If you agree with my brother, then read on . . .

Mary Anne

Dr. Mary Anne Duggan is an educational psychologist, psychology professor at Glendale Community College, and a former elementary school teacher. Her learning journey began as a child on warm summer nights identifying constellations in the big Arizona sky with her family, and it continues today in her work as an educational psychologist and author. Her publications include two books for teachers and over 70 articles on parenting and teaching in outlets such as Raising Arizona Kids, Palm Beach Woman, Grit, Growing Child, Learning, Family Software Magazine, Bay Area Parent, Valley Parent, and Seattle’s Child & Eastside Parent.

Mary Anne loves to travel and she has walked over 800 miles on the Camino de Santiago in France, Spain, and Portugal over the last four summers. She lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband, Sean, and her two children both in the ad game – one in New York City and the other in Phoenix.

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About My Love of Learning

Welcome to My Love of Learning! This blog is for everyone who can count learning as one of life’s purest joys.
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