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Powerful Parent Letters for K-3
Quick Classroom Party Ideas

Magazine Articles

How to identify giftedness and map out a game plan for success (Raising Arizona Kids, August, 2018)
The Body Safety Box: Education expert’s toolkit aims to prevent abuse (Raising Arizona Kids, June, 2018)
The social side of kindergarten readiness (Raising Arizona Kids, April 2018)
Schools teaching mindfulness cite improved memory and better behavior (Raising Arizona Kids, February 2018)
The value of teaching kindness (in these uncivil times) (Raising Arizona Kids, August 2017)
Kids bored already? Multiply summer fun with math (Raising Arizona Kids, June/July 2017)
Choosing the right early childcare environment (Raising Arizona Kids, April 2017)
Kindergarten redshirting: should you hold back your preschooler? (Raising Arizona Kids, November, 2016)
Family game night fosters togetherness, memories and skills (Raising Arizona Kids, July 2016)
Road trip? Try travel games to teach creativity, patience (Raising Arizona Kids, July 2016)
The Impact of Childhood Trauma in Arizona (Raising Arizona Kids, April 2016)
Dispelling the Myths of Benevolent Sexism (Raising Arizona Kids, April 2016)
How to Talk to Kids about Race and Racism (Raising Arizona Kids, March 2016)
My Brother, My Camino Partner (La Concha, December 2015)
Teaching Kids to Collaborate     (Raising Arizona Kids, August 2015)
Stick to It! Fostering Grit in Children     (Raising Arizona Kids, May 2015)
Kindergarteners Still Learn Best Through Play
     (Raising Arizona Kids, March 2015)
An Attitude of Gratitude: Lifelong Health Benefits of Thankfulness (Raising Arizona Kids, November 2014)

What is the Kindergarten Project?      (Raising Arizona Kids, October 2014)
What if I Don’t Like My Child’s Teacher?     (Raising Arizona Kids, September 2104)
Kindergarten Teachers Welcome Parental Involvement     (Raising Arizona Kids, August 2014)
Read with Me!     (Raising Arizona Kids, June 2014)
How to Lead a Learner     (Raising Arizona Kids, May 2014)
“I Can Do It!” Lessons in Setting Goals     (Raising Arizona Kids, April 2014)

Powerful Learning Through Play     (Raising Arizona Kids, March 2014)
Relationships Are Key to Early Learning     (Raising Arizona Kids, February 2014)
The Brain-Body Connection: Movement for Learning     (Raising Arizona Kids, January 2014)
A Parent’s Guide to Tech Gifts     (Raising Arizona Kids, December 2013)
Food Deserts in the Valley     (Raising Arizona Kids, November 2013)

Limitless Learning Through “Home” Work     (Raising Arizona Kids, October 2013)
Snap! How in-the-Moment Reactions Affect Children     (Raising Arizona Kids, September 2013)
Sometimes Less is More     (Raising Arizona Kids, August 2013)
Starting School Successfully     (Raising Arizona Kids, July 2013)
Summertime . . . and the Learning is Easy     (Raising Arizona Kids, June 2013)
Growing a Child’s Relationship with Nature     (Raising Arizona Kids, May 2013)
The Fourth “R” of Early School Success: Self-Regulation     (Raising Arizona Kids, April 2013)
Kindergarten “Redshirting”: Gift of Time or Ivy-League Insurance?     (Raising Arizona Kids, March 2013)
To Feed the Mind it is Necessary to Feed the Body Healthfully     (Arizona Republic, December 2012)
Invest in Kids’ Learning to Ensure Their Success     (Arizona Republic, August 2012)
Nurturing Friendships     (Palm Beach Woman, Summer 2012)
Doing for Our Daughters     (Palm Beach Woman, Winter 2011)
Create a Study Space     (Seattle’s Child & Eastside Parent, August 1998)

Nurturing Your Child’s 8 Intelligences     (Family Software Magazine, Fall 1998)
A Back-to-Balance Approach    (Family Software Magazine, Holiday 1998)
Get Organized     (Raising Arizona Kids, January 1998)
Time to Get a Life     (Learning, September/October 1998)
I Cook, and I Understand     Raising Arizona Kids, March 1997)
Tips from the Trenches    (Growing Child, June 1996)
Is Your Job Giving You Gray Hair?     (Learning, August 1995)
Why Cant We All Get Along     (Learning, April/May 1995)

Bookbag Column – Raising Arizona Kids Magazine
Artistic Offerings
It’s Cool Inside . . . the Library
Finding the Deeper Meaning
Sibling Sagas
Pages for the Pre-Adolescent
The Reality of Reluctant Readers
Sporting a Good Book
A Switch to “Magazinebag!”
Creating Multicultural Bookshelves
Communing with Nature
Hot Books for Young Desert Dwellers
Books About Friendship
Raising a Writer
Giving the Gift of Reading
Books That Make Learning Fun
Required Reading for the Starting School Set
Beach Books for Kids
Brilliant Books about Dads
Book Baubles for Mother’s Day
Learning from Children with Challenges
Sing Me a Songbook

Media Appearances

Living Online – ASU Magazine
Valley Families Opt for Virtual Kindergarten

Early Education Programs Invest in Childhood Development


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